Chuck Jones and his siblings, 1916. (From left, Dorothy, Margaret, Richard, Charles--artists all.)
Chuck Jones and his siblings, 1916. (From left, Dorothy, Margaret, Richard, Charles--artists all.)

"I believe that all children will learn the joy of drawing if encouraged by ample materials, and love strong enough from their parents--and it must be very strong--to refrain from the well-intended but deadly use of unqualified criticism or excessive praise during the very early, very crucial, very creative years of childhood." --Chuck Jones

"Children need to learn that for almost any problem there are often multiple solutions possible... To grasp multiple alterntives requires an act of imagination." --Eliot Eisner, Professor of Education and Art, Stanford University

"The only thing an adult can give a child is time." --Chuck Jones

The programs of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity are designed to provide children (of all ages) the very opportunity that Chuck Jones had in mind when he founded the Center in 2000. With the nurturing guidance of our teaching artists, the Center provides the time for your child(ren) to discover their innate creativity. 

Summarizing a variety of studies on creativity it has been found that many creative people display and utilize the following attributes in their daily life.1

  • Creatives have a strong capacity for abstract thinking.
  • They can assimilate opposites.
  • They have a high tolerance for complexity.
  • They respect facts and attempt to give them interpretation and meaning in a larger context.
  • They tolerate uncertainty, ambiguity, and conflict.
  • They like adventure.
  • They enjoy the surprise of the unplanned.
  • They are confident in themselves and in what they are doing, whatever the outcome.
  • They like to see the results of their efforts.

This then, is what the Center can help your child achieve through not only the classes on offer, but also through the exhibitions of the art,  films, and writings of Chuck Jones.

1 "The Minding Organization" by Moshe F. Rubinstein, PhD., renowned authority in problem solving and creativity