Welcome to the Chuck Jones
Center for Creativity!

Posted 09/21/2016

The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity will be closed from Thursday, September 22 through Sunday, September 25. 

However, Drop In & Draw will be held on Saturday, September 24 from 9:30 to noon.



Posted 08/25/2016

"Chuck Talk" with Phil Roman and Linda Jones Clough, moderated by Bill Kroyer, head of the Digital Arts Program at Lawrence and Christina Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University. Phil Roman, legendary founder of Film Roman, worked with Chuck Jones in the 1960s and 1970s. Linda Jones Clough is not only Chuck's daughter, but also an Emmy Award-winning producer. The conversation will center around their experiences with Chuck Jones, creativity, drawing versus digital modeling and the importance of story and acting in animation.

Posted 08/23/2016


Play It Forward, a Fundraiser for Creativity

Benefitting the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity

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