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Posted 10/16/2014
Ripple Kids, a nonprofit seeking to inspire and empower kids to take action in their communities is hosting a Project Fair this Sunday, October 19, from 12 PM to 3 PM at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, SoCo and the OC Mix. A Ripple Kid is a kid who has identified an issue and has taken action to resolve it. This event will feature 10 free service projects located at several retailers addressing a variety of causes from hunger to the environment. In addition, we will have several nonprofits there to let kids know about their cause and how they can get involved.
Posted 10/01/2014

Chuck Jones Center for Creativity presents Creativity Season: The 'Un'Gala, A Looney Masquerade where "character required, costume optional" is the motto.

Posted 08/27/2014

NEWPORT BEACH – (August 27, 2014) “What’s Up, Doc?” You are! Studies show that controlling depression, engaging in intellectual pursuits and expressing creativity can help to slow or prevent the development of dementia as a person ages. So this fall, Hoag Neurosciences Institute’s Orange County Vital Brain Aging Program (OCVBAP) will enlist an unlikely ally in the battle against Alzheimer’s disease: Bugs Bunny.

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