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Posted 08/27/2014

NEWPORT BEACH – (August 27, 2014) “What’s Up, Doc?” You are! Studies show that controlling depression, engaging in intellectual pursuits and expressing creativity can help to slow or prevent the development of dementia as a person ages. So this fall, Hoag Neurosciences Institute’s Orange County Vital Brain Aging Program (OCVBAP) will enlist an unlikely ally in the battle against Alzheimer’s disease: Bugs Bunny.

Posted 08/22/2014

102Gether is a film festival tribute to the teams that created the Golden Age of Warner Bros. cartoons. For the first time ever, the families of many of the great directors, producers, writers and more of the era will come together, including the families of Robert Clampett,  Friz Freleng, Chuck JonesRobert McKimson, as well as Leon Schlesinger, Mel Blanc, Michael Maltese.  Also expected to appear are living members of the Warner Bros.

Posted 09/16/2014

Friday, October 3, 1952

Good morning, my darling!

We put the finishung touches on “Duck Dodgers in the 24 ½th Century”
yesterday, saw it complete with music, sound, color—the works, in
short.  It’s a parody on the “Space Cadet”, “Captain Video”, type
television show, but the funny thing is, it came out not only quite
funny, but exciting, too.  The backgrounds were beautiful and very 24 ½
th cen-tury-ish.  Try to say 24 ½ th century.  It’s very difficult, is
it “twenty-fourth and a half” or “twenty-four and a halfth”?

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