Posted 06/18/2012


Robin Miller, writing in Sunday's "The Advocate" (the daily newspaper in Baton Rouge, Louisiana), interviewed Craig Kausen, chairman of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity and Chuck Jones's grandson. She begins the interview: 

"You stand among Bugs and Daffy and Porky and Pepe.

"Ah, yes, The ever-romantic Pepe Le Pew, who has been a part of your life since, well, when? Since you can remember — really remember — laughing? Since you first watched the fuse blow up in Wile E. Coyote’s face while the Roadrunner zooms by?

Posted 06/05/2012

We've been busy adding films and details to the Chuck Jones filmography. If you haven't been there recently it's well worth your time. Take a moment from your busy day or better yet take 6 1/2 minutes from your busy day and watch this cartoon! Let us know which Chuck Jones cartoon is your favorite and why. And maybe you'll find yourself featured on these pages. You can email us at

Posted 05/15/2012

Friday evening, May 11th, the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity hosted its 2nd Annual Red Dot Auction at its new facility in Costa Mesa at South Coast Collections. A record crowd turned out in all their artistic finery and bidding on the donated original works of art began immediately and continued unabated right up until the final ringing of the gong closing the silent auction portion of the evening. The evening was catered by 24 carrots and was it ever wonderful!

Posted 05/07/2012

We can't show you artist Mike Peraza's donation to the Red Dot Auction, the spring fund-raiser for the Center, but we can tease you with what he wrote in his blog a few weeks ago. Click here to read the article.

Posted 04/24/2012

The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, a Newport Beach Film Festival Event Sponsor, will be hosting a morning of Chuck Jones animated cartoons at Triangle Square, Costa Mesa (at the intersection of Newport Blvd., 19th St., and the terminus of the 55 freeway) on Saturday, April 28th at 11 AM. Among the many favorite short cartoons to be shown will be one of his masterpieces, "One Froggy Evening."