"I was a little skeptical if the staff of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity would be able to keep the attention of 5th grade boys focused on artwork for three hours. I was completely wrong! Every boy there was completely engaged in the experience, as were the younger siblings that attended. I think they would have stayed a few more hours if they could have! The staff was fabulous. Everything was great from the planning, to the set-up, to the staff involvement with the kids. One of our best field trips. I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone!" --Debbie Singer, Den Mother, Cub Scout Troop

"It was nice to share with my 9 year-old the cartoons and characters I grew up with. Thanks for the memories." --Maheba G.

"Sometimes we forget our childhood memories, but they are awakened by Looney Tunes Cartoons! Such brilliance and creativity makes us stop rushing around as adults and remember laughter, quackiness, and joy." --Marti D.

"Chuck Jones is an inspiration to us all! Everything I know I learned from Looney Tunes. Seriously." --Paul B.

"I had the amazing fortune of having lunch with Chuck Jones in 2000--I felt, at the time, what a treasure he was to the world. Thank you for this wonderful exhibit!" --Mark S.

"Dear Mr. Jones, thank you for sharing your talent with the world." --The First Grade Class of St. Thomas the Apostle School

"If it weren't for Chuck Jones and the Hollywood cartoon I would not have gone into animation." --Dave P.

"We had such a grand time and thoroughly enjoyed your silent and live auctions. Thank you for doing such great work in the community." --Leigh Y.